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Baekhap Mission Center

Korea, 2000

Location : 105-89 Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Site Area : 288.3㎡

Bldg. Area : 172.6㎡

Gross Floor Area : 647.9㎡

No. of floors: 2B, 2FL

Structure : R.C, Steel

Exterior Finish :  THK50 Cement extrusion modling panel, THK24 pair glass

Architects : Yecheon Architects_Daniel Keunwoo Cheon

Project Team : Un tae Kim, Hee ran Jo,  Sung hyo Yang, Sung hyon Lee

Construction : Konil Eng, Kwang yong Kim

Photo : Wan soon Park

Read more about project on press release →

Exterior images

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