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Light Gallery House

Korea, 2015

Award Recipient | 2017 ​경기도 건축 문화상 금상

Location : Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Site Area : 231㎡  

Bldg. Area : 114.59㎡  

Gross Floor Area : 214.59㎡  

Bldg. Coverage Ratio : 49.60% 

Structure : R.C  Exterior Finish : U Profile Glass, Limestone  Exposed Concrete + SST, Mirror Skin Mirror Skin Insert Steel Bar, Stein on Exposed Concrete

Architects : Yecheon Architects_ Daniel Kewnwoo Cheon, Wonmo Yang

Project Team : Eunji Lee, Gwanghun Jung, Inhyeok Lee, Yeseul Kim, Eunmi  Jung

Construction : IDP ARCH., J-archive  

Photo : Eugenie Cheon, CONCEPT_James Jeong, J-archive_Yanggil Kim

Read more about project on press release →

Exterior images

Courtyard images

Interior images

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